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Medicine in China

Saturday, March 28th, 2009
Culture, Rural China, China | Comments

I recorded this interview a year ago with a friend of mine who was an orthopedic surgeon here in Beijing. For some reason, I have had trouble with my system, making it hard for me to complete the podcast until just recently. The information will be very helpful to you if you live in China, and very interesting if you are interested in comparative medicine. 

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Snow’s Grandmother

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008
Culture, Rural China, China | Comments

Several weeks ago, I had a most interesting conversation with Snow's grandmother. The logistics of the thing were a little tricky, because the kind lady did not really speak Mandarin, and certainly not English. But Snow speaks Mandarin, English, her native dialect, Baihua (Beihai area dialect) as well as Cantonese, so she was well able to interpret for me. As the story develops, and we hear about how Snow was adopted, the role of mother and grandmother tend to merge. Snow refers to her as her grandmother, but although Snow was adopted and became part of a peasant family, it was this lady herself who nurtured Snow as an infant.

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Snow and Fly

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
Culture, Travel, Rural China | Comments

This episode introduces Snow and Fly, a couple young people I met in Beihai. Snow is very interested in English, and really quite good at it, if you consider her background as a poor country kid from the rural area where absolutely nobody speaks English. Snow does not come from a Christian background at all, but she dragged her classmate along to church, probably in hopes of meeting a foreigner. You will enjoy her warm, engaging personality.

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